Minecraft Server Info

Server Statusis online!
Server Addressu5xvqz2hcvrlrpgm.myfritz.net
Isometric Maphttps://mc.marc.tv/iso/ (generated Yesterday)
HostNameWelcome to the new Pudel Map. Online since 2012.
GameTypeSurvival Multiplayer
Player Status (0/10 online)
zeangrygerman (Last online Yesterday)
MarcTVde (Last online Yesterday)
Lepante101 (Last online Yesterday)
fol_ssve (Last online Yesterday)
Baumeister271 (Last online Yesterday)
Mzungu_Dan (Last online Yesterday)
hansirockt (Last online 2 days ago)
BlockBastian90 (Last online 5 days ago)
DuWurdestGehackt (Last online 2 weeks ago)
bloy07 (Last online 4 weeks ago)
AndySchneider (Last online last month)
Jo0001 (Last online June 2018)
amazingstefan (Last online June 2018)
danaro610 (Last online May 2018)
le_phil_de (Last online May 2018)